Monday, April 9, 2018


Yes I finally shut down the store.  It wasn't easy but certainly easier than I thought.  I drove myself nuts worrying about what to do with everything but it all came together.  Books were sold or donated, shelving was sold or donated, and my brother, daughter and myself ended up with a lot of wood.
Lots of books left

Books all boxed & waiting for pickup.

Empty shelving

I'll be using some of the wood for the van build out.
To start with I have a metal bed frame & I bought a twin mattress.  The mattress will need to be supported with slats which I will make from some of the wood I kept.  Then I will need a way to anchor the whole thing to the floor of the van in case of an accident.  Any suggestions?
I'm also planning to use some of the wood for building a cabinet or shelving in the back of the van.  I've looked at a million build outs on the internet but I want something very simple.  I'll probably take a trip or two before actually building out the kitchen area in hopes of discovering what will work best for me.
Last but not least, I must find a part time job to support my travels.  I'll worry about that later.
Great to be back on here.
Everyone have a great day!

Friday, February 9, 2018


It's great here.  Hope your day is going well.
Everything is moving forward towards shutting down the bookstore.  I've even got a couple people interested in buying the whole thing.  In the mean time I've got everything marked down & selling off extra stock.
I was looking into working at a National Park during the summer.  Then I realized I would have to pay someone else to cut my grass & take care of my house.  So I will stay home this summer & get a part time job.  Hopefully this will put me in a better position for next year.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


It's been another year. 
In 2017 I had one vacation.  We went to Lake Barkley State Park for our family reunion. Then I took a few short trips to hike trails in some state parks.
That was 2017.
2018 will bring big changes.
I've finally began the process of closing my store.  The store should be closed by the end of February and depending on money I will pay for one more month rent.  The last month will be spent taking down all the shelving and cleaning out the store. 
Most importantly that last month will be spent building my bed, kitchen and storage for my van.  Since I still have a house payment I wont be able to travel fulltime but I intend to travel as much as money and my work schedule will allow.  Yes I will still need to work.  Hopefully, I will make enough working part time to support myself and have a little money left for traveling.
Hope everyone has a wonderful 2018.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Not much going on.  Business is very very slow.
I read Grandma Gatewood's Walk.  It was an interesting and quick read.  This book made me think about how lazy I've been lately.  Constantly making excuses for not exercising.
So I'm working on a plan to hike in all of the state parks this year.  About 10 yrs ago my daughter and I started to hike some trails in the state parks but that soon got put on hold because of our jobs.  Now I think I will try again.
There are 50 state maintained parks in Kentucky.  That should keep me busy for a little while.  I can't wait for the weather to be warm enough for sleeping in my van but in the mean time I'll start with parks that have lodges.  Most of the lodges are pretty reasonably priced at this time of year.  About $60 for a nice warm room and comfortable bed with bath & shower.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


The end of another year.
This year in recap.
May & June...trip to Yellowstone

August trip to Arkansas

October trip to Gatlinburg

Over all it's been a good year.  I still haven't retired and don't get the opportunity to travel as much as I would like.  But I can still pay the bills & enjoy spending time with my family.

December 21st new great grand baby
This year has also brought some health news.  Type 2 diabetes and arthritis.  Isn't getting old fun.

See you next year.


Saturday, October 15, 2016


My plan was to adopt a dog I could travel with when the time was right.  However, my daughter found a puppy on Petfinder that she had to go see.  Of course the one she was interested in wasn't there so she found a cute Chihuahua and Dachshund mix that she fell in love with.  She convinced me to go look at this dog.  Nyla is not what I wanted in a pet.  Nyla is 7 yrs old, afraid of the leash and doesn't want to get up until about 9am.  By 9am Georgie and I have already gone for 2 walks (a short one while it is still dark and then about 1 or 2 miles after daylight). 
At least she is no trouble in the mornings.  When we get up she goes out to potty with Georgie and when she comes back in the house she goes straight to her cage and goes back to sleep.  While I make coffee and walk with Georgie she sleeps, only getting up when I start fixing breakfast.
She is too excited once she gets up to put on a leash but in the evenings if I set on the floor and work with her with treats she will eventually let me put the leash on  her and then we go out for a short walk.
Her favorite spot on the couch.

Nyla with the big ears

Something moved over there

Georgey will check it out



Deciding who gets to pee in this spot first

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Today I sat on the porch and practiced relaxing my face and smiling.  Sounds strange.  But for years I've been caught up in the stress of everyday life.  After a while clenching my jaw and frowning just becomes a way of life.  Sitting on the porch every morning listening to the world waking up around me is helping me to relax, stop worrying about tomorrow and just enjoy what is here.
Business was good in September.  Only had 1 bad sales week.  I've only been open an hour today but I've already had a few customers.
I joined a van group on facebook and enjoy seeing the conversions people are doing on their vans.  I only have a minivan and will not be full timing in it so I'm only going to add a bed for now.  If I have an opportunity to take longer trips I will buy more gear but I'm fine for now.
Three weeks ago Cookie (my little dog) passed away.  I've missed her everyday but having my daughter's dog living here does help.  I'm trying not to get another dog until I spend more time on the road and see how a pet will fit into my schedule.  While all of my pets have enjoyed traveling with me I realize a time comes when their health makes it difficult for them to enjoy travel and new places.
Have a great day!

A few pictures from Yellowstone:

We were told this fella was tagged that morning and was sleeping off his tranquilizer.
He was about 50 yrds off the road and people were walking closer to get better shots.  Glad he didn't wake up.